After the summer use from your air conditioning units now is a good time to arrange the Autumn/Winter service. Without regular servicing not only will the lifespan of your equipment shorten due to the greater demand on the components but the energy consumption required will increase, so a service now can help to ensure that the units operate correctly and cost efficiently before the cold.

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Heating with air conditioning

With summer over again most air conditioning units can now be used for your heating requirements and with an approx energy ratio of 4:1 (4Kw out for every 1Kw of energy in) compared with a ratio of 1:1 for most electric heaters they can also help to keep the extra money warm in your pocket too.

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Office air conditioning

Most of us have to share the air conditioning in our office with a number of people so we might not be able to have complete control, but we all agree that if the temperature is too hot or cold then this can have a direct impact on our concentration level and mood and nobody wants to sit next Mr/Mrs Cranky. To help the approx room temp should be around 23 degrees, leave the unit for about 10-15 minutes for the system to accommodate then increase/decrease the temperature by 1 degree at a time and leave for approx 10minutes for the system to adjust. Try it and see.

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Cool Centre

Cool Centre website redesigned

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